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The early years of your child's life are extremely important for their development and their future progress at school. As a responsible day nursery, we follow the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage, so you can be sure that your child can achieve their full learning potential.

Your child's steps of progress

  • Personal, social and emotional development
Children learn how to play co-operatively, share and take turns. They develop a positive sense of themselves and are excited and motivated to learn.
  • Physical development
Children will become skillful communicators and interact with others. They will listen to stories and be encouraged to ask 'how' and 'why' questions about their experiences.
  • Communication and language
Children develop control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They will learn the importance of good health, a healthy diet and how to keep safe.
  • Literacy
Focuses on children learning to read and write.
  • Mathematics
Children begin to understand numbers, shape, space and measure and learn mathematical language such as size, position, quantity, weight, distance, time and money.
  • Understanding the world
Children will explore living things, places, objects and materials in order to observe similarities and differences and changes in the environment.  
  • Expressive arts and design
Activities are provided that allow children to sing songs, make music, dance and experiment with colour, design, texture, form and function.

The children's rooms

Here at Bambino Day Nurseries Ltd, we provide separate rooms for babies, toddlers and older children to ensure that your child receives the appropriate care, attention and education at all times.
baby activities

Yellow bears

This is for the babies up until they are confident on their feet. The room is bright and attractive and equipped with toys to stimulate the imagination and to develop co-ordination and gross motor skills. Activities are based on the child’s first experiences of the world so they can develop an understanding and awareness of themselves and others. We provide opportunities for the babies to explore and investigate treasure baskets, which are full of natural materials and textures that will excite and encourage babies' interests; listen to familiar songs, rhymes and finger play; look at flip-flap books to find what's hiding and use the soft play area to explore the space around them from different levels and views.
toddler activities

Red bears

This room is for the toddlers – 2yrs. The toddlers are beginning to show curiosity and an awareness of the world around them.

The layout of the room provides opportunities for the children to make choices that can involve real challenge while allowing them to move freely between one area of the room and another. There is a quiet corner, home corner, construction area and art area. The children are able to self-select equipment from the low-level shelving and toy boxes around the room. The children have direct access to a large outdoor play area including a sheltered climbing frame and playhouse.

baby rooms

Blue bears

This room accommodates our 2 – 3 year olds – a spacious, bright, well-equipped room furnished to a high standard with the appropriate resources and play equipment for these children who are becoming increasingly independent and showing particular characteristics, preferences and interests. The room is divided into 5 areas with stimulating activities in each to allow the children to learn through play.
This room has a designated toilet so practitioners can follow the children’s individual toilet training routines.
fun activities for kids

Green bears

These children are 3 years old. Here the children have a more structured day with times set aside for singing, stories and play activities that stimulate language and creative play.

Our nurseries include:
Activities for pre-school children

Rainbow bears

This room is for the pre-school children. The room leader organises the daily routine around the children’s interests and their stage of learning. The children have access to core provision at all times, which includes messy and role-play areas, construction areas, small world play, mark-making areas, number and writing tables, book areas, and the computer. Activities are planned following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum providing opportunities for the children to free-flow between the indoors and outdoors while making choices to enable them to become independent thinkers and taking responsibility for their own learning.
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